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Predict what the playoff committee rankings will be by filling in your picks for the weekend

PlayoffPredictor.com can build a very accurate representation of the top 4 teams for next week.

Simply fill in your expectation of the winners of this week's slate of games and PlayoffPredictor.com will give you what the resulting poll will look like on Tuesday!

For each pairing, just select the winner for each game. You do not need to fill in all the games, however the result will be more accurate with the more games you enter.

Want more accuracy? Try picking all FBS scheduled games for next week

UCFvs. UConn
Western Kentuckyvs. Wisconsin
San Diego Statevs. Stanford
Oregon Statevs. Ohio State
Florida Atlanticvs. Oklahoma
Southernvs. TCU
Furmanvs. Clemson
Appalachian Statevs. Penn State
Austin Peayvs. Georgia
Washingtonvs. Auburn
Michiganvs. Notre Dame
Louisvillevs. Alabama
Miamivs. LSU