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True ratings are computed by a variant of the Colley Matrix method

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Know the 2018 college football playoff positioning at all times

PlayoffPredictor.com uses a combination of a mathematical computer based formula plus a calculated playoff committee bias in order to rank all top 25 teams. This top 25 list is a prediction of what the selection committee's top 25 rankings will be that are released on Tuesday nights. The top 25 rankings is not my opinion of the teams rankings, rather it is a prediction on what the committe will do.

Additionally, using the menu at the top you can predict the future rankings the committee will give each team by filling out who the winners and losers of each game will be.

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Average Committee Bias --
What's this?
Committee Bias
The bias indicates the level of agreement between the PlayoffPredictor's computer ranking and the committee ranking of a given team.

If a team has a high positive bias, the committee is ranking a team higher than the computer. If a team has a high negative bias, the computer is ranking that team higher than the committee. If the bias is zero then the commitee and computer agree on the ranking for that team.

Washington State 0.0555
Boston College 0.0356
Iowa State 0.0322
Mississippi State 0.0315
Syracuse 0.0313
Washington 0.0246
Alabama 0.0245
Texas 0.0192
Utah 0.014
Auburn 0.0137
Texas A&M 0.0123
Iowa 0.0086
Northwestern 0.0083
Virginia 0.0067
Florida 0.0066
West Virginia 0.0054
Michigan 0.0054
Clemson 0.0043
LSU 0.0019
NC State 0.0014
UAB -0.0018
Utah State -0.0039
Georgia -0.0057
South Carolina -0.0066
Michigan State -0.0085
Georgia Southern -0.0099
Fresno State -0.0108
Ohio State -0.0112
Penn State -0.0112
Boise State -0.0138
Kentucky -0.0145
Notre Dame -0.0285
Cincinnati -0.0292
Army -0.0332
UCF -0.0345
Buffalo -0.0365

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